Battery Grip for SONY RX100

The Sony RX100 (M4) is a great camera, no question. It also makes decent videos. However, the camera has two disadvantages:

– Rather limited battery life (especially in video mode)
– Difficult to hold sometimes (especially in video mode)

I have developed a solution for both of these issues: An easy Add-On-Battery-Grip!

My solution consists of two black anodized aluminium parts, forming a hinge and one power bank acting as grip. Once assembled, the grip is mounted to the bottom of the camera with an UNC 1/4 tripod screw. The grip can be folded and the power bank (the grip) can be fixed in different positions.

If you like this idea and want to have one of these Battery-Grips for your RX100, just let me know.

Here some renders of the design, showing how it works (not showing cable between power bank and camera)


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